FinditFast Shopping & Service Guide –  Multi-Channel Marketing System. 

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80% of our Channels are digital – using Mobile Devices & Radio to get your marketing message across to your customers.

Almost everyone has a Smart Phone and are procuring goods & services using a device that is always with them.

This digital platform will support our first Print Version in June 2019. 

Our portals have facilities to hold over 100 products & MP4 videos while having very little impact on the cost.

Our pricing structure is fixed Monthly Subscription Based  with variable fees for changes & Bulk SMS Campaigns. 

These Systems combine to work together: creating an powerful Marketing Strategy.

1. Mobile Shopping – An Entire shopping magazine with up to the minute content. Customers access this by simply sending a WhatsApp Message to  079 059 6255 . or sms Shop to 33092.

With a contant broadcast by Radio, this will become the first point of call for customers. 

2. Printed Shopping Guide – Adverts only A3 Tabloid style. The first area is Durban North, to Tongaat, Incorproating uMhlanga & Phoenix.

 3. MegaZone Radio. Chanelling liseners to opt in to receive the Shopping Guide using the whatsApp method. Create great marketing value by combining Channels to include Radio.

4. E-Business Card – this is a digital version of your company Profiles with a Product list to show off.  Superior Customer engagement tools like One-Tap WhatsApp & email Customer Contact Forms makes it easy for clients to contact you.  

Click below to view an example of an e-flyer – intended for use on a Smartphone.

>>>Example of e-business card

4. Weekly strategically timed Bulk sms Campaigns on a cost Shared Basis. from as little as 2 cents the entire Shopping Guide is PUSHED to an evergrowing database.

The link in the SMS will remain “live” as a discerning consumer would retain that as a useful reference item. All updates are instantly activated. A proven fact is that 98% of sms’s are opened and 90% are read within 3 minutes.

This same commitment to quality also powers our primary objective of providing companies with an affordable, flexible and effective means of marketing their products and services to an active, informed audience of Decision Makers with purchasing power.


Where We’re Going

The Web & Mobile Devices esp Smartphones are becoming more user-centric with the advent of social media, and it’s equally true for digital marketing.